Revolution Tea

I would call myself a “coffee drinker.” But I also very much enjoy tea. So I’m maybe a 75/25 coffee/tea drinker. One of my favorite teas is Rooibos. I also like Earl Grey (Rishi is one of my favorites). Another interesting twist on the Earl Grey is this one:

Revolution’s Earl Grey Lavender tea.

Revolution Tea’s award-winning Earl Grey Lavender adds a unique twist to a popular favorite. Ceylon, Oolong and Darjeeling estate tea leaves are lightly flavored with Oil of Bergamot and combined with super blue lavender to create a wonderful, sweet tea.

It is a lighter Earl Grey than Rishi’s, with a wonderful lavender accent. A very unique tea. I love it with breakfast or alone for a drink. I feel like I’m indulging in something special whenever I drink it.

I know a lot of people have raved about Adagio teas, but I have not tried them, so I can’t compare. But, as far as Earl Grey goes, Rishi and Revolution have made me a happy tea-drinker.