Four-day Weekend

Oooh. A four-day weekend. Yeah.

The kids have off of school for two days and I have off work for two days, too. So, me, my 16-year old daughter and my mother went to see the movie, Things We Lost in the Fire. We set out to see a movie, not really intending to see this movie, but I’m glad we did.

It could have been very cliche and sappy, but it was not. Benicio Del Toro was fantastic. Both my mom and myself decided he should get an Oscar nod. It was one of those movie where you end up with tears running all the way down your neck. Or, well, at least I did.

Though I’ve been off, I’ve still been working. I have the kind of job that, if I take off, my work piles up. I don’t really like that and didn’t anticipate it when I was hired for the position. But it is what it is. Since is is newsletter crunch time I’ve been working on that from home to help ease the burden of work when I return.

It was Frank’s birthday yesterday and we went out with friends, had some beers (well not me because beer keeps me up at night — I had a Bloody Mary and cranberry and vodka). We played darts, ate a slice of New York (style) pizza, came home. Today we shop a bit. I don’t have the brain power for an all out BIG shopping trip right now, but I can pick up some veggies, snacks for the games tomorrow (the twins and middle child’s season-end games), things like that. My daughter desperately needs a dresser, but we’re not having much luck finding one that fits our budget specifications (under $100).

PS – Anyone else having site troubles? Things look fine to me in my lower-resolution PC but are compacted to the left on my laptop. One person said her computer froze up while trying to view the pizza picture. Let me know if you’re having issues.

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