Chunky Knit Mittens

Finally the Chunky Knit Mittens are finished!!


I made them with Lionbrand Lion BouclĂ© in the Lime Blue with Fun Fur trim. I can’t discern if the pattern was purchased or what, so I don’t know if I’ll be posting it. But I followed it as closely as I could muster and they turned out pretty cool. The chunkier yarns are pretty forgiving. The yarn/pattern makes some fun-looking mittens, but they aren’t highly functional. My key ring continually gets caught on them. It is really frustrating because:

a. It gets caught and I have to turnturnturn to release my mitten from the ring.

b. It has the potential to mess up my hours of work.

Now that I’ve made 2 pairs off this pattern, both chunky, I think I will try my next pair in a more “tame” yarn that might render a better functioning mitten.

They’re still fun, though. And they keep my fingers pretty warm and pretty.

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