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Right in time for Christmas, a giveaway featuring toys tested by The Independent Toy Tips Research Institute. The winner of this giveaway will receive a full-color copy of Toy Tips Holiday 2007 Issue. You can view this issue online, OR leave a comment below to enter to win a hot copy you can hold in your hands.

Sample of Article Features:
Taking Candy From a Baby (p. 32)
Too Many Toys? (p. 48)
The Truth About Toys Made In China (p. 42)
Nature-Based Education (p. 60)
Financial Gifts: The Gifts That Keep Giving (p. 66)

Here’s a snippet from the Financial Gifts article:

It’s necessary for parents to explain to children the purpose of chores, whether tied to allowance or not… Children learn most things by parental modeling. However, if parents do everything for their kids, children do not learn to give back… they learn to take. Children must be taught to give to others and to become independent. One way to accomplish this is through chores.

To enter to win this giveaway, leave a comment below. One entry per person, US only. Contest ends 12am CST on December 1st. Winner notified with 24 hours to respond before a subsequent winner is chosen.

2 thoughts on “Contest Toy Tips

  1. Say,
    Not sure what happened with all these contests (“all these” = two or three) 🙂 but I know I comented on this one and it never showed up. Same as the Barnes & Noble one (wasn’t that it in November? Or was it october?) Sheesh… time it is a flyin’.

    Hope all is well, and hope you get this comment on this one even though it’s posted onto a day in the past. Hoo boy, my brain is tired, not making sense. So I’ll call it a day, and say “C ya!” Are you going to do Christmas cards this year? If so, let me know your address!


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