Accept or Deny

Sunday. Frank’s off, and our plan was to go to church, which we did. Last Sunday Loo (middle child) lost his video game privileges last week for his antics during church, so he has been looking forward to redeeming himself through better behavior this time. He succeeded in earning back his game-playing privileges. But you know what was really cool? Honey, when we came home, everyone piled out of the van and ran inside the house. Frank and I decided to work on chipping away at ice that was forming from the the melted snow (and the piles of water-logged snow — rain + snow = heavy work). Without being asked, Lootie stayed outside to chip ice, shovel and scatter salt down. He shuffled up and down the sidewalk throwing salt like he was feeding pidgeons. Chipped away at the layer of frozen ice like a dedicated little worker. After about 45 minutes he came in and played his game for a bit, but now he’s heading back outside.

(Christmas lights on Picasa)
Lunch today will be chicken patties. And what, though? I’m not sure. I really wanted to spring for Chinese. Like, reallyreally. Buuuuuuuuuut. We’ve got bills to pay and gifts to buy. And $45 for lunch isn’t really called for since there is food in the pantry. Right? I mean, there’s not a lot of food, but enough to pull a few meals from. Probably. I can heat up the leftover spaghetti to have with the patties, cook some broccoli for a veggie. That should be OK. I also threw a cake in the oven. With lunch solved, though, I will still need to figure out dinner.Cereal?. . .As the weekend comes to a close I start to obsess and worry a bit about two job offers that I have waiting for me to accept or deny this week. One is for a seasonal job that I’ve been doing for the past few years. It is Human Service work for a non-profit. I enjoy it, the pay is OK, but it is definitely work. The other is working part-time, mainly from home, typing up bulletins and other documents for a local church. Although the first job is more rewarding, interesting and… “important” — I’m leaning towards the typing one simply because (hopefully) it is a no-brainer, easy kind of job.I go for the interview tomorrow for the church and I’ll need to call the non-profit tomorrow as well. They’ve already marked me in as doing the job (even though I said I’d need to think about it). Though I hate to let them down, I don’t want to overextend myself too much. Making more money doesn’t really count or help when you’re spending it up on ordering out to compensate for your lack of time to prepare a meal.


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