Sentimental M&M

Like free stuff?

. . .

I don’t usually crave M&Ms. Sometimes, but rarely.
They are a delectably poppable, dangerous snack. Pop, pop, into the mouth. The candy coated equivalent of popcorn. Not good.
They can inspire an arrangement by color.
The light brown ones tasted the best, but now they’re extinct.
Sentimental M&M eater, I am. I am.
They come in a dark chocolate option. I appreciate that, but am not fooled. They’re still… M&Ms.

. . .

Friday. Can’t lie, it is nice to know the weekend is ahead of me instead of behind… from a “work” point of view. If only I could put work completely out of my mind instead of letting myself slip into calculating next week’s tasks. A job I can leave at work, is a job worth pursuing.

Or a discipline I have not yet mastered.

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