Grizzly Man Timothy Treadwell

First we watched the game at our friend’s house. Lootie’s candid. He was rooting for The Team That Wasn’t The Packers, even though that wasn’t the most comfortable thing to do. In a room full of Packer fans, you’re either with them — or against them. We had pizza, cheeses, dolmati, vino, salami.

After the game was over and the tears were dry, we loafed around, flipping through the channels. We stopped on Animal Planet, intrigued by a show called Grizzly Man. Movie about this guy who spent years and years living in nay-chur alongside the grizzly bears.

Let me back up and say that the friends we were with share a mutual adoration with us for the movie Best in Show. We quote it randomly, giggling like high-schoolers.

Back to Grizzly Man. Literally, we could not figure out if this movie was for real or what. Right down to the narrator’s accent. Mockumentary? Documentary? I think we knew deep down that it was real, but it was surreal that it could actually not be a mockumentary because it sure would have made a good one. The A prime example:

To set the things straight I finally googled the darn thing. It really is for real.

5 thoughts on “Grizzly Man Timothy Treadwell

  1. I think my husband is still crying about the game. It was a rough one, that’s for sure. I’m glad you had fun and moved on. I’ve never heard of Grizzly Man, it sounds interesting.

  2. I heard of Timothy Treadwell a few years ago before he was killed. Sorry, but anybody who does that craziness is asking for a death sentence. The guy was on Oprah and he was totally whacked out. I still haven’t seen the documentary, but I heard that the audio tapes of him and his girlfriend getting killed were really creepy. They turned those over to his family. You have to wonder what makes some people tick….

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