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The boys did a wrestling tournament last weekend. Have you ever been to a wrestling tournament? They’re exhausting. They really are. Exciting, fun… but exhausting. Last year Lootie was the only one wrestling. I think we went to three or more tourneys. There was a lot of “downtime” waiting for each match, but we’d rest, eat, spectate… just waiting for his next match. This year, all four boys are wrestling. Downtime isn’t so much of a problem anymore. Being at the mat during simultaneous matches is now the big issue.

The first tournament Frank was with off and able to attend. This made things much, much easier because I knew that if I wasn’t at the mat (with one of the boys), he was. I got to see most of the matches (it worked out that way), but missed two of DT’s (the oldest). After the meet was over, Frank and I were pretty well exhausted from cheering, running and dehydration (we both forgot to drink, I guess — the upside of dehydration is the minimal potty breaks, woohoo!!).

I got a good amount of video, but not too many pictures. Here’s one, Franny (the smallest):

(click any for larger)

Franny had a super old-school singlet on for the first tournament. The club had run out of the small singlets, save this one from the 1980s. Leave it to my child to take it. And wear it. Even though his older brothers told him how pansy it looked, he stayed strong and wore that singlet like nobody’s bidness.

After the tourney was over, and all the boys had their medals, their loving father requested one more thing: group picture of coarse!! Evident in the pictures to follow, the twins were eager to pose, the elder two ready to go home.

First photo, all is well and tolerated.

Second photo, “Do a wrestling pose,” says dad. Older boys attention already waning.

Third photo, one last “Grrrrrr” for the camera now. Look at Lootie’s wide-eyed expression. Know where he got that face from? His momma. I’ve been caught doing it many, many times on family videos.

Oldest to youngest: (L-R) Tough guy. Wrestle-mania fan. Trying not to smile. Attempting some form of hand/finger coolness but not knowing what exactly to do with them.

The following weekend I was alone, Frank at work. It was chaotic but fun. I didn’t see any of DT’s matches, only parts of Looties, but all of the twins (nearly missing Sal’s last match). I felt it most important for the little guys to see me in their corner. Still, though, I felt bad for Lootie who is only 2 years older than the twins and had to face the mat alone with nobody, not even a coach. He didn’t complain, though, not once.

. . .

I started another scarf. I say “another” because now I have two going. One is green and frilly, the other is striped and not-so-frilly. Both are not holding my attention, though, and I fear I will be starting another scarf here and have three in my rotation.

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  1. I have been to several. My cousins used to wrestle and they were smashingly good. It is exhausting because you’re screaming and your whole body gets tense while you are watching the kids wrestle. It is fun to watch though.

  2. Yes Christy, that’s exactly it. The running around, the cheering, being tense — it drains you. My thighs get sore from being perched on the mat so many times throughout the day.

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