Super Bowl Post-Game Observations

What would a Monday be without a Super Bowl post-game wrap-up by Sir Groovy Mom? I just don’t know. (I like “Sir” as an English title, leave me alone)

Yes, we watched the game. Me and three of the boys. Frank had to take the eldest of the boy freaks to Milwaukee for a soccer training, missing a good half of the game. Soccer training during the pinnacle of American football!!? Say it isn’t so, well it IS so, the snobbish wankers.

Me, still not feeling so well–

(I ran a temp of 102 for a day or so after my stoopid yeast-cleanse, felt like crap, mom said “Sounds like flu!!” and am still not feeling 100%. Now, though, it is more of foggy-head, sinus crapola.)

— camped out on the couch most of the day, watching Super Bowl pre-game stuff during the Mrs. Doubtfire commercial breaks. I did take Pheenie to work and made one lap around the store, picking up some photos, grabbing Hot Cheetoes for the boys (is it really CheeTOES, like feet/toes ?? I’m too lazy to check), soda, began to feel dizzy and sweaty, so I grabbed some hot-n-ready fried cheese curds (for medicinal purposes only, silly!!), and checked out.

Lootie’s been rooting for the Giants, even when they were up against the ‘Cheese, and had a not-so-good feeling that they were going to get whomped this time around. Die-hard fan he is, save for a split second where (something) happened in the game and he told the team they were “Sucky” for one reason or another. He quickly retracted, though, with an apologetic chin nod and continued his supportive cheering. At that last two minutes when that darn Moss caught the ball and Lootie’s mother (Sir Groovy Mom) declared it was OVER, she was shot daggers. We were held prisoner in our own home by a 10-year-old, forced to “Clap!!!” when NY got the ball, “CLAP!!!” to show our support (two boys did not clap, seeing as they are NE fans). It was Peter Pan for the sports fan: Do you believe in Giants ?? Then CLAP, by golly. Clap!!

(Lootie leading the clap with Sal in the background – Picasa)

A few post-game observations:

1.) I’ve enjoyed the robot that’s been warming up on the screen during these NFL games. Each time it jumped around I was entranced. Had no idea it was a Terminator.

2.) Driving while feeling fluish can be quite a silly adventure. Ask me how many times I almost raised our insurance during my drive (too many to not be ashamed of).

3.) I think I’d like to be a pro NFL player, gritty and dirty with sweat, dirt and grass, fartin’ it up on the field. Looks like fun. Just… for like an hour, or something though.

4.) I sometimes get the game play confused with a video game. It looks surreal from some of the camera angles.

5.) With a birthday in less than a week, my job is to locate a Eli Manning New York Giants Super Bowl XLII Jersey for Lootie. There’s one here
but it is for menfolk. I’m looking for one that’s a bit smaller. I bought him one that was 18/20 (bought big to last more than a day) for Christmas from that company — great service, would definitely use them again.

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