Spraying For Mosquitoes

My goodness the mosquitoes around here are atrocious. It is nearly impossible for me to water my plants. I have one hand on the hose, the other swatting away swarms of the nasty little vampires from my arms, face, legs, neck… It is miserable. My lackadaisical days of planting peppers, tomatoes, lettuce and spinach has turned into frantically watering 2 tomato pots (1 is near looking pretty badly) and 2 pepper pots. It is not enjoyable.

In years past, the mosquitoes have been the same. Horrendous. People come to the door, ring the bell and you can see them flailing their arms in a loose attempt to keep the bugs away as the wait desperately for someone to answer the door. It is comical and guilt-ensuing at the same time. You wait a beat, watch and stifle a giggle, then open the door and shoo them in, the poor things.

So I’m thinking of spraying. We are prisoners in our own home, unable to enjoy the outdoors at all. I worry about spraying, the chemicals, yadda yadda, but I still contemplate spraying. It is either that, or hovel in the house most of the day or waste gas driving to areas of the city where the mosquitoes are more sparse.

Anyone else succomb to spraying?

(Side note – we had/have an electric zapper. Doesn’t work.)

8 thoughts on “Spraying For Mosquitoes

  1. Hey Terri!! Well, I mean like spraying something stronger than Yard Guard, like a spray that lasts a while. A friend of mine used some that she attached to the hose and it is supposed to last for weeks, she says.

  2. We have sprayed in the past and it doesn’t last. We had it done by an extermination company and it was a waste of money. It’s great while it does, but within weeks they slowly start coming back.

    We use a fogger now. It only lasts a few hours, and you have to fog before being outside because the chemicals while not harmful to people are pretty gross and for me, they make me feel sick. But, anyway. We fog. Then we hang out outside. Then, if we’re not ready to go in, we fog again, stand back for several minutes and resume.

    There are lots of different kinds out there, but ours is similar to this one: http://www.deerbusters.com/dee-0103.html

    Note: the “lasts years” on there that they are talking about it not the removal of mosquitoes; it is the chemicals that lasts from year to year. We haven’t bought new chemicals in 3 or 4 years.

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