The Child Whisperer

We watch The Dog Whisperer. Not with any consistency, but if it is on, I’ll leave the channel there. I’m completely not a “dog person” but for some reason, the way Ceasar Millan is able to take a little shifty punk-headed canine and whoop it into shape with a Shhht!! and a smile makes me be like, daaaaaaang.

I need me a Child Whisperer. Send me that and I’ll be your slave for a month. I mean I try the whole Shhhtt!! thing with my kids, but they’re onto me since they’ve seen the show. Strangely, they’ll actually sometimes pay me mind, though when I do it. Whining? Shhhtt!! and they give me a look, sometimes echo my Shhhtt!!-ing, but they often will Shhhtt!! it.

Go figure.

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