Angry Baking

Not too long ago I was feeling Fall in full effect. I took a load of apples and set out to make apple crisp and applesauce. Neither with a recipe. I was sort of… “angry baking” you could call it.

One turned out delicious (applesauce)…

And one flopped…

But my kitchen smelled lovely.

Applesauce is super easy. You wash and chop up the apples, add to heavy pot, add a smidgen of water (about 1 inch), put on stove bring to a boil; simmer for about 45 minutes or until apples are soft. Add cinnamon, sugar if desired. I prefer mine chunky so I don’t mash it much, but you can mash it, blend it, whatever consistency you like. I freeze some for later. Very good stuff and smells so very good while it is cooking up.

I’m not even going to talk about the crisp. Things don’t usually go uneaten around this house; that crisp managed to make it to the garbage after a short time. Angry baking doesn’t always work out.

5 thoughts on “Angry Baking

  1. Oh my, I was just thinking about making applesauce. We bought some apples at the orchard the other day and some of them are tasty but a little soft. Thanks for this post, I’m making mine tonight, yay!

  2. Hope your applesauce turned out OK, Sandy.

    LOL – Misty, yeah, I’ll skip th irate cooking as well. Irate cooking is one notch closer to disaster. 🙂

  3. Well your photos are great and I am so sorry about your apple crisp! At least your house smelled good for a while! LOL! Be smart like me and do the Mrs. Smiths stuff.

  4. Angry baking can be a disaster sometimes but on some occasions, you might be surprised that you are able to create good recipes. Sometimes, I need a little inspiration just to create good recipes. Otherwise, it will just be another “bad baking day”. Good luck!

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