Best Hair Straightener/Flat Iron

I’d like to purchase a hair straightener/flat iron. And a good one, ’cause I plan to use it.

I’ve recently gone from this:

to this:

Nine years of nappy natural hair. It was fun, and I may do it again. But before I went natural, I was relaxed; I wanted to revisit relaxing my hair. The lady who did it was skilled, and excited to work with “virgin” hair. She said that it was nice to be able to start with it and know what works. She learned (as I told her) my hair is VERY stubborn and hard to relax, and that she should have left it on the ends longer. Can’t blame her too much though. With her now knowing exactly what has touched my hair and how my hair works, I’m hoping to render even better results next time. She’d also like to use me for her next Relaxer Class in the fall, so I’ll get a free treatment, which is cool.

In the interim, I am on the search for a good, solid straightening iron for my hair. I have no clue where to start. I’ve seen them on QVC and infomercials, but have no clue where to start. Any recommendations?

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  1. I bought a Redkin from some chain store (Walmart? Target? I can’t remember) that was a total waste of money. I’ve come by a few other cheaper brands at those stores that never worked up to par. My stylist swears by the G.H.D. (Good Hair Day) and uses them in her salon. Since the only time my hair looks straight and sleek is when I leave the salon, I’m thinking it must be a pretty good brand. They’re just over $200 new, but you can find one on ebay for a lot less. Look for tourmaline heating elements and ceramic plates.

    Btw, just found your website and love it! 🙂 Hope I could help.

  2. Kim – I do, too. But I needed something different. It’s still pretty curly when air-dried.

    Hi Heather – glad you stopped by. I haven’t heard of the G.H.D. one – will have to check it out. I did purchase a Conair one, but I think I’ll be returning it. Doesn’t work so hot.

  3. Well then I guess my suggestion won’t work lol. I have a conair, but then I already have straight hair and mostly use it to fix my hair when I get to the office after riding my bike and getting helmet hair.

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