Dinner at the Supper Club

Wordless (sort of) Wednesday

Frank’s brother took us out to dinner tonight at their favorite supper club. Somehow it took us five years to finally get around to doing it. Scrumptious. Shrimp cocktail for appetizer, wine, bread, salad, and then, bring on more food!!

I ordered two lobster tails with a potato (something-er-other) on the side, and Frank ordered steak and a lobster tail. I LOVE how the butter came melted in the dish with a candle to keep it warm. I haven’t had dippable butter in way too long.

Enjoying some grasshoppers after the meal, my lovely sister-in-law and myself.

Our oldest son babysat all of the cousins while we enjoyed dinner — three boys and three girls, all under the age of 12. Bless his heart!!

Frank’s dad came along with us, which was nice. That makes two dinners out in the past year for the five of us. We had a fabulous time. Yummy food and slow time spent with people you love. Joy.

11 thoughts on “Dinner at the Supper Club

  1. Hey ladies, the dinner was SUPER delicious. I did eat both lobster tails, but couldn’t finish the potatoes. The pictures above are of my lobster and my brother-in-laws steak and shrimp. I didn’t order all that!!! :p

  2. Yum! I haven’t had lobster in years. I think the last time we had it, was at this place in Milwaukee.. it was so tough you had to cut it with a steak knife! LOL!

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