Crest White Strips Give Me A Headache?

I’ve been using Crest White Strips for about a week now. I should restate that. I’ve successfully completed approximately 7 days (2x per day) of the Crest White Strip regimen. They were not all back-to-back, however. I notice that I’ve had a headache on most every day that I’ve used them. Correlation? Maybe. I believe it is because of a very sensitive tooth that I have on the left side of my mouth. Possibly.

I do notice a difference in my teeth. Not dramatic, but definitely a bit brighter.

I have no trouble getting the strips on my teeth, as some reviews I’ve read. I did have one strip that left the gel behind and was rendered useless. Also, when I have the strips in my mouth, I spit. I don’t swallow my saliva for a half hour. Maybe it is weird, but I really don’t want that gunk in my tummy, just as I don’t want toothpaste or mouthwash in there either. I don’t need a whitened tummy.

60 thoughts on “Crest White Strips Give Me A Headache?

  1. Not only the worst headache of my life but also gave me a sinus infection which leads to the strongest ear ache i have ever had!
    I’ve been under antibiotics and pain relievers for over a week!

    I honestly cannot believe…

  2. i’m surprised, i tried white strips a week ago but still have a headache from it. honestly, it’s actually teeth sensitivity which can cause a headache since it’s pretty strong. as suggested, putting it less than the time directed so it helps or stop its usage.

  3. I used whitening strips today … got em from Groupon … after 15 mins my peripheral vision went all wavy and things were blurred… felt like I’d looked straight at the sun….. like a migraine aura—- had to cancel goin out tonight and have a low level headache.. poisonous shit , never again

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