Crest White Strips Give Me A Headache?

I’ve been using Crest White Strips for about a week now. I should restate that. I’ve successfully completed approximately 7 days (2x per day) of the Crest White Strip regimen. They were not all back-to-back, however. I notice that I’ve had a headache on most every day that I’ve used them. Correlation? Maybe. I believe it is because of a very sensitive tooth that I have on the left side of my mouth. Possibly.

I do notice a difference in my teeth. Not dramatic, but definitely a bit brighter.

I have no trouble getting the strips on my teeth, as some reviews I’ve read. I did have one strip that left the gel behind and was rendered useless. Also, when I have the strips in my mouth, I spit. I don’t swallow my saliva for a half hour. Maybe it is weird, but I really don’t want that gunk in my tummy, just as I don’t want toothpaste or mouthwash in there either. I don’t need a whitened tummy.

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  1. I just googled white strips and headaches and your site popped up. I have tried using the strips three times and each time I’ve gotten a horrible headache. I called Crest and asked them if that was common. They told me nobody had every reported that symptom?! Weird.

  2. It is weird. I haven’t used them for days because I didn’t want to get a headache again. And I haven’t had any headaches, either. I’m trying to get up the nerve to try again and see if it happens.

    1. Gosh, glad I found this site, I started getting really bad headaches 3 days ago and was trying to figure out what changed. I started using the white strips. Glad it was NOT my imagination. I am throwing them out. Nothing takes the pain away, I took 3 x-tra strengh tylenol and I still have it.
      No more white strips for me.
      Glad this site is up there. Crest should post something

  3. I also get headaches using the crest white strips! I googled it, and got your site as well. I think it’s definitely related…

  4. Me tooo! Oh god, its not just me. I was actually quite scared for a while! Guess these whitestrips are not for me then…

  5. After googling my problem this was the first site to pop up! I have had major headaches from using crest whitestrips advanced seal. it is strange crest would claim to not having prior knowledge?

  6. It´s been 3 days I use this product, the adv one, and it´s horrible. I feel like I m going to die. This night I could not sleep because I had a so terrible headache. I took medicine but it didn´t work, then ice on my face and all… I even thought about going to the emergency as the pain was too horrible!
    I thought maybe the cause is this American product… I guess now, yes it is. Pfff 40€ in the garbage !

    Claire From Belgium

  7. i also googled it because i get headaches as well and was wondering if this was common. i only get the headaches when the strips are on my teeth and they’re gone once i take them off. i believe it’s because of the tooth sensitivity, but it should go away once you stop using them.

  8. I’ve used the Crest White Strips for 4 days and for the last 2 have had a horrible headache; today’s will not go away. It just dawned on me that the only thing different in my life is the White Strips and now after reading this, I am positive it is caused by them! Who would have thought.

  9. Good to know I’m not the only one. They gave me a terrible headache and I couldnt wait to take it off. I have this urge to keep spitting my saliva out or even puke 🙁

  10. Same thing happened to me with Aquafresh white trays. I Googled to see if it was common, and your site came up. I do think it’s related because I don’t usually get headaches and it started right after the treatment.

  11. I finally google ‘white strips headaches’ this morning- I haven’t had headaches in years, but since using these Crest strips advanced seal for the first time, I’ve had an almost constant headache- I knew it had to be related to these things and sure enough, after reading everyone’s posts, I won’t be buying them again. I wonder how much poison we’re ingesting. They make your teeth sensitive as well.

  12. I too googled “whitening strips causing headaches” because it dawned on me that my daily headaches started the day I began the whitening regime. I’ve been waking up every morning with nagging or severe pain for almost a week. I’m prone to migraines but it’s rare for me to wake up with one especially when it’s non-provoked. I expect to be pain free in the morning since I determined to not use them today! Thank you all for your comments. I’m not the only one!

  13. I’m so glad I’m not the only one! I get headaches all the time but this is a totally different kind of headache and I’m positive it’s from the white strips. I wish Crest would acknowledge this! Would have been a different story had I expected this as a side effect…I assumed I would have sensitive teeth but did not even think it would cause headaches!

  14. I used the newer advanced vivid and had a migraine within 10 minutes. I do occasionally have the migraines with an aura but was feeling fine that morning. I have also used different whitening products in the past. Most frequently the Aquafresh trays. I am too afraid to use them again and now spent $40 on a package only 1 has been used! 🙁 Thought I would google it before I tried again and with this many people having headaches using Crest Whitestrips I think I will pass…

  15. I have the same problem, i googled headaches and white strips and this came up. Every time i use them, i get a headache straight after 🙁

  16. Interesting…. Couldn’t figure out why I’ve had headaches for the past 4 days. Thought back and realized that the only thing I’ve changed in the past 4 days is starting to use Crest White Strips… The Vivid 3D ones that you use for 30 minutes for 10 days.

    In the past I used the old kind (2x’s per day for 30 minutes for 14 days and he ones for 7 days) and never got a headache from them. I am going to write to Crest and send them this link. I will report back what they reply. This is a true side effect of the product for some people it seems.

    1. Diane:
      Have Crest replied to you?

      I have been using Crest 3D Whitestrips luxe for 4 consecutive nights (Memorial long weekend) and every morning I woke up with severe headache, and it lasts for all day. I am not prone to headaches, but do have sensitive teeth. It just hit me today that it might be the whitestrips gives me the headache. I am going to stop using it and see if headache goes away. Something is definitely wrong with this product. I don’t believe Crest claimed no headache symptom was ever reported.

  17. Interesting. I just got a whitening kit from my dentist: molds that exactly fit my teeth and 20% carbamide solution. I have a relatively high tolerance for pain, as I never have novacaine (lidocaine) when I get a tooth filled, which happens all too often. But I noticed that shortly after I put the appliances in my mouth I got a low grade headache. The second day I put only the top mold in, and again I can feel a slight headache. I’m quite sure it’s from the solution, regardless of any claims to the contrary from Crest.

    It’s not enough to stop me using the product, but it is an interesting cause and effect.

  18. Add me to the list of those suffering from a headache after using these Crest White strips. I am thinking it has something to do with the tooth sensitivity, too. Going to ask my dentist next time I go in.

  19. I used crest strips for the first time today. It felt a bit chemically in my mouth but i didnt suffer any pain or sensitivity (yet). However, since using them i have had a headache, albeit mild, but still noticeable. I NEVER get headaches so I knew straight away it must be the whitestrips causing it! I’m going to carry on using them but monitor the headaches.

  20. I am so glad I found this, and it’s still current! I am yet another headache sufferer from what I believe is the crest whitestrips. I have used them for the past four or five days and have had stabbing headaches. I ordered some tooth desensitizing gel and I’m hoping that it helps. I really don’t want to toss away a $50 pack of whitestrips!!

  21. 36 hours into my worst headache, I had low grade headache every day, did not figure out that they occurred from the white strips until a day ago. I am hoping it goes away soon. Headache all over my head.

  22. I just started using these strips yesterday. I had a mild headache earlier today, but thought nothing of it when I put the second set of strips in. My headache became unbearable as I was whitening & still hurts so much I can barely see straight.

  23. I just used a generic whitener that I got at Walmart. The first time I used the strips I suffered massive migraines that lasted three days. Waited a week and tried again. Another migraine for 2 days. Bottom line…I would rather have slightly yellowed teeth without the headache! Odd that when I searched online there was no info to be found from any of the product websites.

  24. I am using Crest whitening strips and I am getting headache every time I use it. It is getting worse and worse. after seeing this website it is definitely related

  25. Me too! There is definately something wrong with this! I am going to stop right away! I couldn’t udnerstand why I’ve had this horrible headache for 3 days and that is how long I have been using the strips!!!! Kind of upset about it because they were $50…

  26. I am not prone to headaches and do not have sensitive teeth, but have had the strangest headache that starts at the jaw line and has lasted for over a week. It dawned on me this morning that I started a tooth whitening regime just over a week ago. correlation?????
    The product worked and my teeth are whiter. I will have to stop using it to see if the headaches go away.

    1. I used crest white strips last Saturday morning (30 Min). About 5pm, Saturday afternoon, I started having aura and blind spots, followed by the worst migraine headache I’ve ever experienced, which lasted throughout the night. (it has been 6 yrs since last migraine). At 4am Sunday morning, I had an asthma attack (found that it was a side effect from Relpax that I took to suppress the migraine). The headache continued Sunday, but not quite as bad, as I was able to function by taking excedrine migraine. I have learned my lesson the hard way. I do not want to experience that kind of pain ever again!

    2. I am another user of Crest White Strips, who is not prone to headaches. I used them once or twice a week for two weeks and had sore gums. Soon after this started getting daily headaches, usually in the back of my head. They last from 10-11 am to 3-4 pm. Advil seems to help, but this has been going on now for 5-6 weeks. Am seeing my doctor in a few days and will mention this as a possible cause. Does anyone else have reoccurring headaches??

      1. I know your post is old. Just wondering if your headaches have quit?
        I’ve had a daily headache now for two and a half months following Crest Whitestrips use.

  27. I have been using Crest 3D Whitestrips luxe for 4 consecutive nights (Memorial long weekend) and every morning I woke up with severe headache, and it lasts for all day. I am not prone to headaches, but do have sensitive teeth. It just hit me today that it might be the whitestrips gives me the headache. I am going to stop using it and see if headache goes away. Something is definitely wrong with this product. I don’t believe Crest claimed no headache symptom was ever reported.

  28. I just finished using the Crest 1 Hour Express Whitening strips and I got a terrible headache after only 15 minutes of using it. I continued to wear them and my headache got worse during the hour. After I took it off my headache eased up but hasn’t gone away yet.It is a very intense pain. I found your site after googling this. My teeth are also very sensitive which it said might happen but I wasn’t prepared for the headache and think it’s a very strange side-effect.

  29. I used the one hour white strips put them on and got in the shower. After getting out I notice my temple was swollen. I have had terrible headaches since. All the symptoms of temporal arteritis. A small piece of my molar had broken out a few days prior on the same side of the swelling. Anyone have any similar symptoms before I go have a biopsy?

  30. That’s crazy how many people encountered same side effect from Crest Whitening Strips, especially that headaches are not even stated on the list of side effects on the product itself. Being a healthy person, I got concerned when I started having bad headaches every day of the week, and then realized they started the next day I started using the strips!!!

  31. Does anyone have insight on how long it takes for the headache to go away after use? I used the strips nearly 12 hours ago and the head pain has been building ever since. My temples are literally throbbing now despite having slept 8 hours, I only used one set of strips.

  32. I have put the crest white strips 46 minutes ago feeling headache already, gums are burning and I spit my saliva too because if it is hurting me gums so definitely will hurt my tummy. That was the one hour express white strips and my tongue too has burning sensation !

  33. I used the crest whit strip seal and after u took them off o my teeth I started getting terrible migraines where I can literally feel the pulse in my temples punching out. I used it again not knowing it was the cause and again about an hour after use the migraines started. Nothing can make them go away, I’ve taken ibuprofen 900 and the pain is still there. I stopped using them and the pain went away. I have never gotten. Migranes before until I used this product. Crest can be sued for not stating this on their symptoms.. Many people have confirmed.. I smell a lawsuit in the making.

  34. Has anyone else experienced severe nausea as well? I have has headaches and nausea for days ( not sick & not pregnant) and I have been using the strips every day not realizing that might be what is causing it. It dawned on me today it might be the strips causing my nausea and headaches. I was curious if anyone else has experienced nausea along with the headaches thank you

  35. Every time I use Crest 3D Luxe Whitening Strips, the next day I get weird heart rhythm disturbances and quick onset of fatigue.

    I don’t want to be paranoid, but the cause-and-effect here seem to be consistent. This is also consistent with systematic exposure to hydrogen peroxide…

  36. I was just googling Crest sensi strips for tooth pain and this site is first one I can find related—everything else seems to be Crest propaganda that pops up. This discourages me….its a slightly different product but same problem–I am sure I am not only person with headache from it as its in their pamphlet as possible side effect yet they have effectively figured out how to dominate the internet with well placed positive reviews. Thanks so much for your site, needed valdiation.

  37. 10/19/2015 10:56 PM

    I started getting headaches everyday for the past 2 weeks. I couldn’t figure why until I realized that this was around the same time I started using the white strips. I stopped using them for a few days and wouldn’t you know it my headaches went away.

  38. There is no doubt at all that crest 3d white products in general cause severe headaches and other horrible side effects. I was in pain for days after using the toothpaste. I stuck to the regimin not aware that the toothpaste was causing the issue.
    They ONLY thing to make the headaches go away was prescription headache medication. Will never use it again.

  39. Hi.
    I was not about to drop $40 or more to whiten my teeth, but when I saw a whitening kit at the dollar store, I thought why not. It’s the 5 minute kit with mouth plate and jell in a tube. I followed the directions and after 3-4 minutes, I got a throbbing in my left temple.
    I passed it off as a typical headache and it went away in an hour or so.
    The next two times I used the kit, within minutes I had the same pain in the same spot but lasting a little longer. Sooooooo……
    It’s not just the Crest white strips. Very strange.
    Maybe all of us share or have a sensitivity to one of the ingredients used in the jell/strips.
    Don’t know if I want to chance the throbbing again !

  40. i have the same problem i’m using whitening pen so the problem is not crest
    the main ingredient in those whitening product is hydrogen peroxide and i couldn’t find any correlation between headaches and HP online
    but most of us have one thing in common which is sensitive teeth but its strange because i don’t feel any pain in my mouth neither teeth

  41. I have never had a migrane until using these. I thought it was from laying out in the sun the first day. The second day I figured it was a coincidence and the third day I realized that my SEVERE head pain started 15 minutes after removing the whitestrips.

  42. On my 4th day of crest strips and yet again have woken with the most horrific head banging explosive headache that no pain relief touches ? they do pass, and I have felt sick too but I just ordered a second box. I think it is the bleach in product. It just has to wonder under your tongue to get into bloodstream and that is that. Bottom teeth ultra sensitive too but again it will go away. Just wish this had been listed as a side effect on multiple sites I visited prior to purchasing.

  43. I am so glad this site came up!!!! I just applied Crest 3D Whitening 2 step product, and after Step 2, I got a horrific headache!!!!!! I am not prone to headaches, so it is very scary. I just wonder what I reacted to, so I know to avoid it in the future. I have used whitening strips before, and don’t recall headaches. But this is definitely an awful immediate reaction!
    Returning product, and hope I feel better in the morning.

  44. I got a terrible headache from Whitening Lightning Teeth Whitening kit. Been in bed and ruined my weekend. Aleve didn’t even work.

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