Two very good things in one not-so-good photograph (I used my phone).

1.) New bowls (Goodwill find… been spending too much time there lately). We eat a lot of pasta, casseroles and the like. I’ve been looking for some simple bowl/plates (like pictured, the size of a salad plate, with indentation) to serve our one-dish meals in. We generally use salad plates for dinner (perfect size,  helps with portion control), and these looked to hold just the right amount. A bit of a rim to keep the contents in, or hold bread on. Perfect. $1.99 each. A little pricey for my tastes, but the ones I’ve been looking at in the stores were double or triple that. I got 6 of this style and 2 of a different style, .99/each for those. Mixing and matching is fine by me.

2.) Crockpot lasagne. Mmm. Nice and easy – and ready to eat when I come home. Saves me money. It is one of our staple meals now.

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