Mac Backspace Button

Today I received my iLife upgrade disk ($7 and some change), from Apple. I did not expect it to come so quickly. An email came through a couple days ago, and then voila, here it is on my doorstep. That’s some good service, so I’ll give props where it is due.

I also have to say that I have been thoroughly enjoying my Apple iMac. I wasn’t sure about making the switch, but a recent upgrade in the computers at work (and the death of my old XP-ran desktop) — two new Macs,  pushed me over the edge. Since I’ve been working with an older Mac at work, it wasn’t a huge transition for me. And, I still have a laptop that runs Windows 7, though, so I’m not a total convert. I love that my laptop still has the old Spider Solitaire. That is an addiction for me. Macs don’t have that.

The out-of-the-box easy set-up was a dream, too. No clunky towers. My kids were thrilled with the new Mac (not sure why), but they were drooling when they saw the box. I think they had a couple teachers who used Macs, and preferred them.

One thing that bothered me about Macs was that there was no backspace button. You can delete to clear contents backward, but you couldn’t suck them into your cursor with the “backspace”, like you can with a PC.

Or can you?

Why yes you can. And here is how: fn+delete

That settled increases my love-affair with my Mac.

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