How To Clean Your Crockpot

I use my crockpot a lot. Sometimes I make things in there that are loaded with onions, garlic, or other pungent delights. Sometimes my husband will scrub out the crockpot and it still has what I call, ring-around-the crockpot. I can tell it is cleaned, because I witnessed the elbow grease scrubbing that goes into it, but it still doesn’t seem clean-clean.


Good old baking soda. Drop a quarter cup or so of that in a dry pot and scrub, scrub, scrub.

I went all crazy rebellious and used my scouring pad that simply is NOT SAFE TO USE ON NON STICK COOKWARE or delicate items because I’m just dangerous like that.

Because I was making something that I didn’t want to taste like an onion patch, I went the extra step and used vinegar. Plain old white vinegar.

Swished that around all over, wiping it down well.

Voila! Sparkly, clean crockpot, no chemicals. Ready for my next adventure – making yogurt in the crockpot. More on that tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “How To Clean Your Crockpot

  1. I’m a several times a week crockpot-er. Also make my soap in a *different* crockpot 🙂 Today I have jarred spaghetti sauce and frozen meartballs mingling in my food crock to be met up with ziti and cheese in a few hours. Later in the week I’m doing a london broil to shred and add to brown gravy for over mashed taters…. my guys love their meat and potatoes and there are only so many ways one can do that so I’m stretching meat anyway I can to make them happy. Meatloaf gets old after a few times a month.

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