Holiday! Celebrate!

Somehow yesterday as I scurried around the office trying to accomplish all the tasks before the end of the day(cramming days worth of work into one day), I failed to realize that, when my day was done, I was off work for nearly a week. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday… I don’t know how it didn’t cross my mind until I bid my boss farewell. “See you… wait. See you next Tuesday. Huh.” I work at home on Mondays, so technically – Tuesday it is.

This past Sunday was spent cooking dinner and hosting Thanksgiving. Scrambling was the name of the game on Monday. Tuesday was drop the kids at school, fly to work, come home, get dinner ready to avoid a take-out meal, and then savor the 15-minutes of Me Time listening to my new-found love, Librivox on the iPod while knitting and waiting for everyone to burst through the door. I really did relish the time. I had to check myself from moaning a stage-worthy complaint when I had to put my knitting away and detach myself from the recliner.

Homework, updates, completing the concoction that was dinner (turkey and bean tacos), jetting off to wrestling practice where we take both the car and the van so the car can be handed over to the high schoolers (Dante and Carlito) who are just finishing up with their wrestling practice. I went to a board meeting (wrestling stuff), Frank coached. An hour and half later, we’re on our way home to a house with ready dinner (score), showered high schoolers (another score – the younger two get to hit the shower without a fight).

The whole time I’m thinking of my audio book and completing my scarf that I’m knitting to donate to the homeless shelter via my work, mind you.

Holiday! Celebrate!

In my bed at 10pm, earbuds in. Scarf completed and on to scarf #2. Who’d of thunk it?

Today the elder boys, once again, took the car to school and I am left car-less. This is preferred, as of right now at least, to having to drop them off at 6:30am and pick them up again at 6pm with their two-a-day practices twice a week. If I’m desperate, I can walk to Wal-mart. It’s not much more than a mile or two away. I have enough to do at home that it’s not a bother. Loads of laundry are being washed, yogurt is being made, dog has been walked, the 2nd scarf has been completed. Now I need to move on to the tedious tasks like paying bills, cleaning the bathroom and cleaning up around the house. Oh, and figuring out something for the wonderful thing called “dinner” – that’s right.

Holiday! Celebrate!

Tomorrow — feasting at the cousin’s house. Frank’s side of the family. I’ve only been asked to bring an appetizer. I can manage that. Then, if everyone does as I say – we’re off to pick up our Christmas tree. I’d like to decorate early and get the most out of the season. It goes by so quickly every year that as soon as I get them up, I’m needing to take them down.

Happy Thanksgiving. Wishing everyone safe travels, delicious food, and a bounty of gratitude.

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