December Daily 0 Day 13/14

Today was a shopping day.

I dropped the kids off at school and began my rounds.

Bath & Body Works.
World Market.

The problem is, along with shopping for other people, I found myself picking up little things for myself. Nothing big, a soup mix here, a shirt there (more than a shirt at Goodwill, but hey)… lotion, and this:

I had been shopping for hours and didn’t even realize it. Marshall’s has all kinds of stuff, and this here caught my eye. I figured if I could make it home without stopping for food, the mug could be my gift.

I made it. It was not easy. 2pm and I hadn’t eaten since the morning, I was ready for some food. I chomped on some ginger licorice, drank my water, and pondered on what I could eat when I got home. I knew the dog would be flipping out excited to see me, since I’d been gone so long. I also knew I had an enormous amount of stuff to take in the house, primarily from my grocery shopping at Costco.

I was so hungry I dug into the freezer and pulled out a Lean Pocket Pretzel thing.

It suited me fine. I’d rather not think so much about it and just have something that’s not going to wreck my calorie intake. It worked. A banana and half an orange rounded it out. And, my lovely mug full of fresh coffee. What a treat.

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