December Daily – Day 6

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s back to work I go. The stretch between Thanksgiving and Christmas is both long and short at the same time. I feel like I should be off the entire month, baking, shopping, going for long walks at night with Christmas lights keeping the path bright.

I’ve not baked, shopping has been online (and sparse) and the Christmas lights aren’t up much around here. It doesn’t feel much like Christmastime when there’s not a speck of snow on the ground. Looking out the window you wouldn’t know if it were heading into spring or winter. This is not an issue for some of you because you don’t get snow. For me, it is essential for winter picnics, sledding, snowballs and the entire ambiance of winter.

I feel confused, not in the “spirit” of things. Not ready. But, snow or no snow, it comes and the mood is in the air. The boys are all older and want money and more practical things for Christmas (which is helpful). They know our money situation isn’t the greatest, and have asked for pretty simple gifts, if none at all. ‘Makes my heart feel funny and confused.

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