Snicker Salad

This is a ridiculously easy salad to make. We had a wrestling banquet (potluck) going on an I was short on time. I was busy making the team DVD (which I procrastinated on), and needed something quick, easy, and yummy. I’ve only made this salad a few times (because it is sinfully good, and too easy to munch on hourly), but it was always a hit. I first had it at my girlfriend Jodi’s house. My kids loved it and asked for it occasionally when they would remember it. It just… isn’t something that I want to put into our rotation of foods. This “salad” needs to be taken to a potluck to share.

(image courtesy of Flickr – mamaslittlemonkeys)

There are variations to this, but for the most part it calls for (ready?):
apples, whipped topping, snickers

Easy, eh?

Here’s how I broke it down:


3 tart Granny Smith
3 red apples (just not Red Delicious – something else – I think we used Pink Lady)
1 cup red grapes (you don’t need these, I just added them)
9 regular size Snicker bars (they cut easier if they are cooler)
Large tub of Cool Whip

Wash apples; chop into bite-sized chunks (skin-on). Toss in a big bowl. Add container of whipped toppingĀ  and toss to coat. (I did this to keep them from browning). Chop 4 of the Snickers into bite-sized pieces; mix/fold into salad. Wash grapes; cut in half, and add to salad. Mix again. Chop 4 of the Snickers, add to salad and mix. Transfer to pretty bowl. Chop remaining bar, sprinkle on top of salad. Remove from home via transfer to whatever gathering you are attending. Prepare to bring home an empty bowl.

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