Bucatini alla Palina – Pasta With Cauliflower

I pick up a lot of books at the Dollar Tree. This recipe was inspired by one of them: My Mother’s Kitchen. Being a fan of Bucatini, this was on the top of the list of “recipes to try” from the book. The recipe is similar to the one I found online here, but not exact. I encourage you to check the book out from the library, or pick it up on Amazon. I enjoyed it and will definitely make it again.

Differences between book/linked recipe and what I did:

  • I used dates instead of currants
  • Instead of onion I used shallot (like the book calls for)
  • I did not rinse my anchovies
  • I cut and boiled the cauliflower first, reused the water for the pasta
  • I definitely used BUCATINI

I do feel like the book simplifies this one quite a bit. Once I tweak it more to my liking (I like the idea of some red pepper flakes added) I may come back to repost. But I’d like to leave a breadcrumb of my thoughts because it was yummy. Give it a try!

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