Breakfast With Daughter

Sophia (who will be 18 next month) called me the other day and asked if I’d like to come over and have breakfast with her. She’s staying with my parents right now (with the hopes of acquiring a JOB and moving into her own apartment), gaining her “independence” and sparing her brothers some of her teenage angst. The first week was… questionable. She spent most of her time there avoiding all responsibility and hanging out with friends. This second week, though, has gone better. She’s applied for some jobs, went to youth group, and is working on being more responsible. Baby steps.Very tiny, wobbly, and sometimes messy baby steps.

It was a nice shift to have her be making me breakfast. I thought for sure there was some catch. Come for breakfast… andtakemeshopping or Come for breakfast… and borrow me some money or Come for breakfast… and — wait, money, shopping… what else is there?

No catch though, and I checked myself for assuming there would be. Skeptical mom. She simply wanted to make me breakfast.

I’m generally a picky breakfast eater. I don’t like too many carbs (at least not “bad” white ones), and if I do allow myself a treat (generally waffles), I bang up on the protien and fiber.

White bread, Honeybun, eggs with bacon and cheese, yogurt with blueberries and strawberries and coffee.

I was hesitant to even touch the “white death” bread or honeybun because of my carb/breakfast issue. Do it for the kids, I told myself. Do it for Johnny!!

And I did. And… it was good. Not the honeybun, gosh those things are like eating sugar-speckled chemically processed carpet fibers in the shape of a doughnut. But the eggs? Yummy. Toast — everyone can benefit from some nutritionally-void buttered white bread now and then. Coffee, good (surely made by my mother or father before they left), but whatever.

Conversation was nice, the food was good. Finally. Finally a respite between the head-butting that has become so common over the past few years. Just as it was years ago, watching her take baby steps, make friends at the park or accomplish other rights-of-passage as a baby/toddler/pre-teen, it is also satisfying and gratifying to see her making those same steps into adulthood.

Now if I could just get a picture of her that doesn’t look like it fell off of Myspace.

Cheap Gas, Cheap Lunch

Our livingroom table has turned into a classroom. Franny has a tutor (who comes once a day for two hours), being taught mostly while on his back on the couch. He was progressing to sitting up, but then had the surgery and was on above the heart leg-elevation orders again. Tomorrow he should be able to sit up more again.

school and homework materials

It has also become a place where I do my work. Although, it was that way before, too. Calculators, box of writing materials, reading books, sticky notes…

more school and homework materials

My mom came over today while the tutor was here so that I could get into work for a couple hours. I also needed to gas up our van, which I was actually excited to do, since I would get it for 90 cents off per gallon due to Fuelperks. Work was methodical and predictable, which was fine with me. I stayed a little longer than I thought I would, and by the time I was ready to leave my stomach was completely obnoxious, begging for something to fill it up. A tootsie roll from my candy dish did not suffice.

I did save a nice chunk of change, but the savings didn’t fill my tank (limit of 20 gallons, the tank is 30). But I was still a happy lady. But on the way home, I was wracked by the temptation to stop (anywhere!!!) and get something quick to gobble down, my hunger was so atrocious. I passed one, two, three fast food restraunts. I knew if I could hold out for the last one, I would be fine, with no more options. I reminded myself of the turkey and salami I bought from the deli two days before.

Make a sandwich, make a sandwich.

Willpower prevailed (this time), and I did not spend money on lunch. Instead I had my new favorite mix (Sierra Mist and cranberry pomegranete juice) and a sandwich.

cranberry and sierra mist

With hunger manning the ship, I used about double the turkey I normally do. It was still very good.

turkey and salami sandwich

If I were really smart, I’d make another one of these for myself to either take to work tomorrow or to eat right when I get home. Mmm.