Black Bean Cuisine

Bean Cuisine Soup I’ve purchased a few Bean Cuisine soups recently. They come in a bag the size of an eggplant, all dry ingredients (the black bean ingredients are: Beans, Spices, and Red Bell Peppers) and are under $5. For the most part you add some veggies, onion or peppers and maybe some meat if you have it. You could also just serve/make the soups as they are.

Today I made the black bean and added chopped carrots, onion, a pepper, a can of V8 and about 1 cup of frozen corn. Oh, and a leftover piece of pork we had. It was delicious. The kids loved it. Topped with a bit of cheese and sour cream — yum. We had tortilla chips with it, too. Bean Cuisine makes a few different soups. We’ve had the split pea one and the lentil one. All were very good and ended up being devoured by the family. I give these puppies a thumbs up.

If you google them you can find them in many different e-places. There is a 6-pack at Amazon. But, like I said, I pick mine up at Cost Plus and keep them on hand for a simple dinner.


Link: No website — found on Amazon