Looking a Lot Like Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Our tree is up and (somewhat) trimmed. I have the lights and “icicles” on. Ornaments are yet to come. Scary thing is, in order to put up all the Christmas decorations, I need to clear the accumulated clutter around the house to make room for my holiday treasures. Killing two birds with one stone, yes, but it is a span-over-more-than-one-day process, let me tell you.

Adding to the Christmas spirit – it snowed today. Since I rarely check the weather anymore, it was a surprise to me. I was putzing about the house, cleaning and decluttering, when the kids came home and screamed something about it snowing out. Really? A glance out the window confirmed that traffic was slowing as sheets of white flakes hit the pavement, gathering on the cars and sidewalks.


More joy – Amazon.com is, once again, having their 25 days of Free MP3 Downloads– you gotta love that. Last year I downloaded nearly all the songs, and got aquainted with a few new artists that I enjoyed very much. Each day they uncover a new little gift – a new MP3. I love it. Easy peasy.