Cheeseburger In Paradise – Review

Yesterday we took Franny in to get his cast checked. His pinky toe was kind of smushed and looked as if it were suffering for lack of air. They had to use that blasted saw to cut away some of his cast. Again. Not a great experience, honestly, after the whole wedging incident. I can’t believe after all he’s been through it is the cast saw that seems to be causing him so much greif. Poor thing. Once it was done it was done, though, and he could wiggle his toes more freely. We asked if our next appointment would involve the cast saw, and they confirmed that – goody gumdrops – yes indeedy he would be having the entire cast removed and either replaced by another cast, or by a walking boot. But, he would for sure have the cast removed. Good to know. There may be some pre-medding involved in that appointment. At the least numerous speckled conversations between now and then about the cast saw.

After the grueling experience, we thought we should catch a lunch, preferably one where we could sit outside and enjoy the weather. After brief consideration we decided to go to Cheeseburger In Paradise in Middelton, Wi. We’ve been there before a few times. First just Frank and I when it first opened, then with the boys (Dante was not impressed) and now again with Franny.

Cheeseburger In Paradise

To spare the mighty cliffhanger: we  doubt we’ll be going back (it took us a bit to figure that one out, apparently). Nothing major or sexy; it just simply isn’t our cup of tea. Here’s why:

  • This visit we sat outside, which was wonderful. What wasn’t wonderful was the sticky, odorous table. Also not wonderful — the music. I enjoy some musical ambiance, but not when it overpowers the option of actually using your “inside voice” while dining. Unless you are in a club  or something, you really shouldn’t have to shout or ask “Huh?” constantly over your cheeseburger.
  • The bathroom was fine, save for the fact that I had to change stalls to avoid the water on the floor. I mention bathrooms because they are important to me.
  • The fried pickles were VERY good. If I were to be lured back, it would be for that crunchy, sour and salty delight. Frank’s salad was good. Not $10 good, as it was priced, but good. Franny’s mini-burgers… not so good. He took one bite and ditched them. I took one bite and couldn’t tell if it was the oddest flavored beef I’ve ever tasted OR if my palate was fussy after eating my turkey burger (that I split with Franny so he would have some nourishment beyond his strawberry lemonade — which was tasty). I had a bacon burger (turkey). It was mediocre; nothing great, nothing horrific. I prefer Red Robin’s burgers, though. Their sweet potato chips are very good, however I opted for the fries this time, and they too were (as Frank would say) “nothing to write home about.” With my fries I always ask for a side of Ranch dressing to dip it in. That can be a deal-breaker as well, because if a restaurant doesn’t have good Ranch, it can ruin the fry experience for me. Their Ranch was watery and tasted nothing like Ranch dressing.

Bottom Line: The bill was $30. We tried to keep it lower by drinking water and having Franny order off the kids menu, but the pickles did us in, and the prices are a bit heftier than your ordinary burger joint. We still left feeling that if we were spending $30 on a lunch, we darn sure should at the very least enjoy it (and the bathrooms and Ranch should be up to par). I’m not sure if the “Cheeseburger in Paradise” means that you’re ambiance and dining experience should be similar to a tropical paradise OR that the burgers are meant to be heavenly. Either way I felt the mark was missed.


Link: Cheeseburger In Paradise

Eggland’s Best Eggs – Review

This is a review from a few years ago from when I was using a different blogging platform. Since we are still eating Eggland’s Best Eggs (it has been 3 years now), I figured it was worth re-posting and making available. Occasionally I will buy organic eggs, if a grocer doesn’t carry EB eggs. But for the most part, we still buy these and the post is relevent.

Eggland’s Best Eggs

Eggland's Best Eggs I was sick of finding chicken feces on and inside the cartons of eggs at the supermarket. I have long eyed up the organic eggs at the store, but the price made me balk. Why bother trying what I could not afford on a regular basis? Well, after seeing an indie movie on chicken farms, and then seeing a commercial about EB eggs, I decided to give EB eggs a try. Oh the power of television, eh?

I believe the price for a dozen eggs is about $2.49. My regular feces-specked eggs were about $1.07 per 18. So, yeah, it is a price jump. But I felt like splurging. Got the eggs home, fried them up. I can tell you that just in the feel of these eggs they are different. The shells are sturdier. And they look adorable, lined up in the carton with the “EB” stamp on them.

Taste? Yes, there is most definitely a taste difference. They have a cleaner, creamier, fresher flavor. They are, most definitely, a better egg.

EB’s website speaks on the nutritional values of their eggs. Interesting. Also you can find information about they eggs and why they think they are better.

Bottom Line: These eggs are most definitely better than what I am accustomed to. However, we are a budget-conscious family of seven and we eat a lot of eggs (we like them and they are cheap). I do think it is worth the price jump for us, though, and I will continue to buy them.


Link: Eggland’s Best Eggs

VTech KidiArt Studio Review


Sal, last year, asked for the VTech Learning Laptop for Christmas after playing with one at a friend’s house. Wait – maybe it was his birthday? I don’t remember, and it doesn’t really matter. He wanted this laptop, and we were able to fulfill that wish. I’m glad because he loves it and thinks himself quite the cool dude, playing away with it.

Well, VTech also has this cool KidiArt Studio that they boys played with the other day when their cousins came over. Now, you can read the review on it over at Amazon – about the brightly colored plastic and all the bells and whistles. But I’m just simply going to tell you that my kids had a ball-o-fun of a time playing with it.

My twins are 9; boys. Their cousins, girls, are younger (like 4, 6 and 7). They all had equal amounts of fun snapping pictures and superimposing them onto goofy pre-drawn bodies using the tablet and viewing the results on our television screen (you can hook it up to your TV or computer if you want to be real crafty, printing out pictures and such). The size of the desk and stool was more tailored to the 4-6 year range, but the activities seemed a bit more suitable for the 7-9 year old range. As a multi-aged group activity, it was perfect.

Set-up was relatively simple. It took me less than 10 minutes from unpacking to plugging it in. Figuring out how to use it was simple, too. The only complaint I have with it is the batteries drained faster than a water balloon riding a porcupine. If there were one thing the toy missed a home run on, I’d have to say it was that it didn’t include an AC adapter (it did come with cords for hook-up to the television and computer). I couldn’t find anything to hook an AC adapter up to, either. So, be warned – if you buy this for Christmas, stock up on batteries, ’cause it is NO fun when your spanky new toy poops out on you 10 minutes into a good time.

Bottom line: My young boys, and their cousins, thoroughly enjoyed the KidiArt Studio – fun toy, easy to use – great activity for a small group of young kids to gather and giggle with. Easily transportable (the desktop snaps off for easy portability). Again, though – adapter would have been really, really nice. I put a “-” after the three stars as a 2.5 or a would be 3-star if it came with an AC adapter.


Pictures of the kids using the KidiArt Studio…