Long, Normal Day

Unfortunately, I gave inaccurate information yesterday. I am not, indeed, going to post pictures of my breakfast-making fiasco from the Snow Day. Not that it is impossible, it just expends more energy than I’m willing to spare tonight.

Today was a long, busy but very normal day.

6:20am, alarm wakes me up. I roll over and ask Frank to re-wake me at 7:15

Wake. Reluctantly. Take pill; heat up flat iron.

Prepare coffee maker by grinding coffee, putting in the basket, adding the water – waited to turn it on until I was nearly done with my hair.

Send the kids off on the bus, turned on the coffee, dressed, put some toast in the oven, made a lunch (leftover salad, 2 pieces of hard salami, a small bag of tort-illa chips. Mmm. Sobe low-calorie drink. Quick coffee, peanut butter and honey toast, put make-up on and check email.

Frank drove me to work, was late (traffic and post office stop). Put in a productive day. Frank picks me up from work, to home I go, he drops me off while he runs to Subway to get a sub for Dante, who is wrestling tonight. I prepare some papers for meeting at school at 2pm.

To meeting I go, lasts over an hour. Drop off sub at mom’s house (who lives closer to school and will run it over to Dante once school is out so he has something to eat between the bus ride and his match).

4pm, finally home, quick bite to eat, putting a fire under the twins to get moving since one of them has their first soccer practice at 4:45pm (the one who broke his leg after getting hit by a car back in April, mind you – hallelujah).

Drop off Franny, take Sal to 2 stores to look at shoes. Didn’t buy shoes, but did pick up a boot warmer.

6pm Pick up Franny, hear all about the excitement of being at practice. Stop at mom’s, pick up Lootie (who went there after school), and Sophia (who lives with mom and dad); stop at Taco Bell. Pick up extra burrito and taco for later for the hungry wrestler.

Drop Sophia off at friend’s house.

7pm home.

Eat, homework, catch up on email. Wipe down the dresser mom and dad brought over for his room (we recently took out the carpet, put in new floor, he painted, etc.) Get a text from Dante. Lost his match 6 to 5, but did well. On the bus home.

pm Pick him up, stop off at Wal-mart, arrive home at 10:30. Chat with husband on the phone (he’s working overtime tonight), send off a couple text to my birthmother. Sit down to write this post.

Glass of wine? A little Wii fit? TV? Who knows. Read a bit.


Dinner at the Supper Club

Wordless (sort of) Wednesday

Frank’s brother took us out to dinner tonight at their favorite supper club. Somehow it took us five years to finally get around to doing it. Scrumptious. Shrimp cocktail for appetizer, wine, bread, salad, and then, bring on more food!!

I ordered two lobster tails with a potato (something-er-other) on the side, and Frank ordered steak and a lobster tail. I LOVE how the butter came melted in the dish with a candle to keep it warm. I haven’t had dippable butter in way too long.

Enjoying some grasshoppers after the meal, my lovely sister-in-law and myself.

Our oldest son babysat all of the cousins while we enjoyed dinner — three boys and three girls, all under the age of 12. Bless his heart!!

Frank’s dad came along with us, which was nice. That makes two dinners out in the past year for the five of us. We had a fabulous time. Yummy food and slow time spent with people you love. Joy.

Day At The Zoo

Wordless Wednesday.

(And in case you’re a person who likes words… we took a trip to the zoo this weekend. Us and half the population of the city. Nice, spring weather will do that. We are fortunate enough to have a free zoo here in town, so we can always go back, and it isn’t like we’ve lost money because there wasn’t enough time or space between sardine-packed kids to see the exhibits.

Franny insisted on taking pictures of the giraffes who were “humping” – they weren’t really, they were cozing up to, or had finished, couldn’t tell. He then took a picture of the rhinos. At the end of our visit, the boys played at the new play/park area. Franny climbed the rock structure and I snapped a couple pictures.)