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February 27, 2003

Orville Redenbacher Honey and Butter Microwave Popcorn

Review Orville Redenbacher Honey and Butter Microwave Popcorn.

This popcorn was on sale at Wal Mart for $2, so I just picked up a box to try. Yesterday I made it for the first time to bring with me (and smuggle in) to a movie at the theatre.

First off, lemme tell you that it stinks. It stank while it popped, it stank up my van, while in my purse. It stank up the theatre. When I was done with the bag, I had to wad it up because the smell was really getting to me. It was a sweet, fake-honey kind of smell, and it was overwhelming.

However, the popcorn wasn't so bad. It tasted very sweet, sort of like honey and buttery. It was what I would expect from a popcorn labled "Honey and Butter" - no more, no less.

I don't think it will be added to my shopping list of foods again, though. Mainly for 2 reasons:

1 - I don't normally buy popcorn (anymore) that isn't light.
2 - It stinks to all high hell. My microwave still has that...smell to it. It's bothering me. And now I have to clean it.

Rating: star star


You can clean and clean and clean but you won't get rid of that smell, Our micro still stinks after a month since i popped a bag in there... I will stick to my regular old kettlecorn...

OMG that post had me rolling! My friend told me this past weekend that I just had to try the new Honey & Butter popcorn. I looked at her like she was from another planet. Any popcorn that isn't just plain butter is too weird for me. I'm glad she didn't pop some for me. Yuck!

Well, if you think that stunk, then for SURE don't buy the Pop Secret Toffee Butter. My whole house had a nasty sickly sweet smell. The popcorn didn't even have the flavor, but my nose was so full of the smell, that I could taste it. The Pop Secret Honey Butter didn't stink as badly, and tasted quite good.
Microwave a coffee mug of water with a wedge of lemon and let the steam "disinfect" the inside.

I tried the new flavor OR popcorn HONEY BUTTER. This is the worst popcorn I have ever smelled or tried to eat. It stinks! Smells like old chocalate burning and it stank up my house, microwave and trash can. I'll stay away from OR's popcorn from now on. I am writing to their customer service to try to get my money back. PHEW! I'll feed the rest to my goats if they'll eat it.

I foolishly purchased OR honey butter popcorn. Yuck! UGH!! I cannot believe their quality control actually let this horrific popcorn be promoted. It truly has a putrid lingering odor and tastes completely disgusting. Did any of their people actually sample the stuff before it was sent to the stores???

I purchased the kettle popped popcorn by O.Redenbacher because it said it was 95% fat free. It was horrible!!!!! It had a sweet sickening taste. Nothing like the kettle popped I've eaten before. Nowhere on the box was sugar- except way /way/down it says not a significant source of sugar-but the carbs are 27g. We thought maybe it was just a bad batch and popped another. We had to throw it all away. We couldn't eat it. (no wonder it was on sale)
Has anyone else thought this way?

I also purchased the OR Honey Butter popcorn and I heartily agree with the "It Stinks" comments. To high heaven as a matter of fact!! The taste of it was pretty good, but the smell is soooooo bad I have discarded all packages of it. An even bigger complaint I have is that the company has no telephone number, fax number or email address. Any consumer comments must be made by mail. Why does the company make it difficult for customer contact?

I think it sucked

What's Popcorn?

I purchased some honey butter popcorn and the smell isn't bad at all. It was very delicious actually and I am hoping to buy some in a regular size bag. Thank the company for being innovative instead of staying stagnant and falling behind the competition.

UGH!!!!!!!!! The smell is absolutely disgusting!!!!! My whole house smells soooooooo bad. I hate to say it but it smells like urine! I sure hope I can get the smell out of my microwave. I should have stuck with Pop Secret!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just tried the Kettle Popped tonight for the first time. By accident. I thought I was buying the regular 94% Fat Free kind that I actually like. UGH! UGH! UGH! NASTY!!! I had NO idea this stuff was supposed to be sweet - it said that NOWHERE on the box!! Like Cindy, I immediately went back to the box to check ingredients for sugar, and saw none. I thought I had a bad box too LOL!! I am frantically trying to eat and/or drink *anything* that will take this gawdawful taste out of my mouth. Does anyone have the URL for this company? This is what I was trying to find when I stumbled into groovymom.

I was in the mood for something sweet, so I ran to my local grocery store & found OR CARAMEL popping corn. I thought that instead of buying already popped stuff, I would make it fresh & enjoy it while it was hot. WHAT A MISTAKE! The bag fell over in the microwave, and the caramel oozed everywhere! The little bit that I did salvage in the bag cover about 1/3 of the popcorn. I ended up with MAYBE 1 cup of caramel corn & the rest was dry, nonflavor, styrofoam that my chocolate lab got to eat. I spent $2.49, got only 2 bags of popcorn and got to eat about 1/3 of it:( I'll stick with Pop Secret's Toffee Butter:)

i love the honey butter pop corn i was just wondering if you will make it in the mini bags due to a small microwave the bigger bags are too big for the microwave. i love the mini bags please come up with more flavors in the mini bags there great for dieting also i await your reply Tammy ps do you make a pop corn with less salt but a buttery tast please reply

Yep...this stuff smells aweful. It has officially killed off our tech support center. Poor girl that was popping the stuff was mortified by the smell.

We were all concerned there was a fire or something since it smells like burnt plastic. god getting light headed sitting here breathing that stuff in. and she's over 100 ft away. argh!

oh how i wish i would have looked at this page before i bought this popcorn, i just made it not long ago and feel my house will be down right smelly for some time. i've washed my hands 3 times now and they still have the stinch on them. ick ack poo

I just popped my first bag of Honey Butter popcorn. I can say I will (NEVER) pop another bag in my house again. NO JOKE it smells like cat unrine and that is one smell I don't want in my house. I thought that I would taste it in spite of the smell, it taste ok (I guess I could not get past the smell to eat it) so I'm getting rid of the rest that I have. Well you know the commercial "give it Mikey he will eat anything" Well my Mikey will eat anything , but he won't eat this.

that popcorn was the best popcorn i ever had... i lvie in canada and iwent ot michigan and bougth it and it was the greatest i wihs they had it here

I don't know about the Honey Butter OR, but my son brought home a box of the OR Sweet and Buttery for himself. I nuked a bag of it last night for my husband and ate half the bag before I could get it to him in the family room. It smelled delicious, tasted delicious and all but 3 kernels popped (I counted). Myself, I prefer OR to any other popcorn. The Boy Scouts sell a good popcorn...Trails End. It's pretty tasty, too!

I and a few coworkers just popped some of O.R.'s Honey-Butter popcorn! Sweet Mother of God Have Mercy, it emitted the most awful smell ever to waft through the office. It smells like a dirty urinal! I can't believe this product passed consumer trials to be unleashed on grocery store shelves.

O.R. Redenbacher's Honey Butter is the best popcorn I have ever had. I am addicted to it and make about 1 bag a day. It smells like brownies baking and tastes even better. This flavor takes microwave popcorn to a new level.

Never tried it. This place is kind of freaky. It seems like the person who started this place actually wrote all of the posts. Yeah that's what i think.

Intersting, Syd. Right. I came back here on random times and days just to write about popcorn. Hrmmmmmm.

As with most of the reviews, I will agree that the smell is sickengly sweet (whoever compared it to old burnt chocolate was dead on). Not that the popcorn itself tastes bad to me, on the contrary, it was very pleasant, not too overbuttered or sweet.

It's just not what I expected it to be, the overpowering smell being the biggest drawback. To me it smelled like someone mixed tons of sugar with fresh urine. I don't know why I connected it to something like that, but it just does.

Bottom line, not a bad product to eat, but if OR wants to keeps this brand on the shelves, it has to work on this horrendous odor, otherwise it's going to end up a big fat failure the market shelves.

OMG... this thread is funny as hell. I just had some and i agree with most if not all o da peeps in here. The smell stinks when u open the plastic and when u pop it. It's the worst smelling stench. like that guy said, it smells like sugar mixed with urine smell.. like i was walking downtown streets where u pass places where the bums had pissed all da time... except throw some sugar on it. I don't know who da person there said this was ok to sell !.... I do have to say the taste isn't so bad. Althought it still taste worse then a regular butter popcorn. My favorite is Pop Secret Homestyle... that is the best tasting popcorn so far after trying like 20 diff flavors.

I have learned a trick that you have to underpop the sweet brands. I use the Popsecret Tofee Butter and LOVE it... I set my timer for about 1 minute and 45 seconds. and pull it out when the bag inflates. Since the sugar content is higher it will burn real easy. I am really pleased with it. However I do agree the smell is something to get used too... My wife burns Yankee Candle butter cream scented candles.. so Iguess I am used to the sweet smell.

smells like poo 1 thousand assess

i am a big gay loser that smells like poo 1 thousand asses...muahahahahahahaha

I am the queen of the nerd herd!...

I tasted O R's Honey butter popcorn from a friend at school and was convinced that although it had an unusual sweetness about it, it was somthing new and NOT BAD. I ended up craving the sweet, salty taste the next day and went out and bought a box. I think it does have a sweet smell thats not usual for popcorn however, its not HORRID or anything and the pop corn taste great because you can indulge your sweet and bitter buds at the same time !

I first bought ob honey butter poocorn at wal-mart, in Huntsville, Tx., but I can't find it anymore. I've read all the comments from other customers and it doesn't smell that bad. When I've popped it at home or work everybody comments it smells good I ask them to try it some like it some don't, everybody has different taste. I don't care for fat free or kettle corn, its not bad its just not for me. I think there was ALOT drama about the smell and taste of honey butter popcorn. All popcorn has a smell if left over night, same as meat, fish, onions cooked the night before. please dont down some thing just because it wasn't for you. That is why we call it taste! KS

I noticed some of you talking about the toffee butter popcorn, I bought a box of it because it was on sale, me and my boyfriend LOVED it, BUt we haven't seen it since, we can't find it anywhere. does anybody know what happened to it and where we might be able to get ahold of some???

I love the Honey Butter flavor. My children and I sit and eat a couple of bowls almost daily. Sunday (2-22-04) I sent my husband to Food Lion to "reload" on snacks for the upcoming week. He called me from the store to tell me the stoe dropped our favorite flavor from the shelves. Two weeks prior it was on sale 2 fer 1. I really dislike the store to begin with but I don't have a choice its the only one here. Can you please tell me where I can buy it. Anywhere close to zip code 22853?

iiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttttt sssssssssssuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I haven't tried the honey butter, but I LOVE the Toffee Butter, it DOES smell up the entire house, but in a very very good way. So good in fact that after having a bag at 4 am this morning while watching a movie, I just had another bag at 8pm because the smell was still enticing me. The DOWN side of this is I bought this box about 3 months ago in Oklahoma and just NOW tried it and I'm seriously addicted & I think it's not sold here in NY! Wahhhhhhhh

Well I tried OR's honey and butter microwave popcorn and i thought it was the schizznit. Orville's my man and ya'll just be hatin'.

orville redenbacher's honey butter popcorn is EXTREMELY DELICIOUS!!!! it is the BEST popcorn i have ever tasted and i will NEVERE buy regular butter flavored popcorn again. at first, the smell of it popping throws you off guard but it is not as bad as some people have described. IT IS NOT A RANCID ODOR THAT LINGERS ON FOREVER!! GET OVER IT AND STOP BEING SO DRAMATIC, PEOPLE!!


I prefer to just make a bag of regular popcorn and then I take one of those one gallon hefty zipper bags and squeeze some honey in there ( I don't really measure but I would say that it's no more than a 1/4 cup) then I put the popcorn in the hefty bag zip it up and shake it up until all or most of the honey is dispersed among the popcorn....it's sticky but it sure is dang yummy and you don't have to worry about your microwave smelling funky either :D

this site is ssssooo cute!!

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