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July 21, 2004

Russell Stover Sugar-Free

Russell Stover Sugar-Free Candies

I love chocolate. It is really hard for me to walk by it and not snatch a bar. Well, today I decided to pick up a variety bag of these Russell Stover SF candies. A friend of mine said the Pecan Delights were very good. I was hoping she was right.

Armed with a bottle of water, I cracked my bag open the minute we got in the car. I had one toffee candy and one of the pecan ones. Both were delicious. Had I not known they were sugar free, well, I guess I wouldn't have thought anything weird of them.

My daughter picked up these Low Carb Peanut Butter Medallions, and they were delicious, too.

Of coarse, you read the fine print and it tells you that "Excessive consumption can cause a laxative effect..." I guess that is a good way to get you to eat in moderation, eh? I just would like more information on just what exactly is excessive? The whole bag?

Bottom Line: I was very happy with my purchase. It definitely fixed my choco craving. I wish they made sugar-free cookies, cakes and bars this good. But, maybe something as large as that would definitely trigger that laxative thing.


Link: russelstover.com


Oh, you wicked, wicked woman! They look so yummy, but I hadn't talked to anyone that has tried them! I can't wait! I just better keep them away when I am having one of those days when I "can't eat just one" or I will be sitting on the throne for a while after!

Eat half the bag and tell us what happens! Actually I had these hard candies I loved as a kid they were sugar free, about 10 of them had me running to the bathroom.

Never knew that chocolate could have such an effect. Guess it is the sugar free part. Other than that... I hope that you don't eat to many of them. LOL!

I am looking for the stores that carry the sugar free breakfast bars. The box I have says Chewy Granola---Cinnamon bun---apple Cinnamon---Blueberry. I live in Boynton Beach Florida 33437

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