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June 15, 2005

Coca Cola Zero

Coke Zero

Coke Zero So we're at the store and my daughter spies this new Coke Zero. After my dissapointment with the Coke with Splenda I was hesitant to try it. What was it anyway, and just how many versions of Coke can there freaking be?!!

So I bought 3 bottles of it, one for me, one for my daughter, one for her friend (that said it was really good). Got our groceries home, fired up the oven for pizzas... all the while anticipating my meeting with Sir Coke Zero. I am a die-hard Diet Coke lover, though, and a skeptic of new "versions" of Coke.

So here's the verdict: I like it. Didn't think I would, but I do. This is what you'd think Diet Coke would taste like. It has that spicy kick that regular coke has and Diet Coke, though I love me some Diet Coke, does not have.

There are two good things about the different-in-a-good-way Coke Zero.

1.) As a drink it is fantastic. Like I said, with the spicy flavor mingling that is going on it makes it an excellent alternative to regular Coke.

2.) Because of this spicy flavor, I fully anticipate it will be a viable substitute for regular Coke when mixing drinks!! A rum and Diet Coke has never cut it for me. But a rum and Coke Zero? I think it may be the lower-carb solution some of use have been searching for. This might be the diet-drink mixer we've been waiting for. What a breakthrough.

Bottom Line: Coca-Cola makers - please keep this one in stock and start making it available in the gun. I think you've found a winner.


Link: Coca Cola Zero

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