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January 20, 2006

Napster Sucks


Based on the title, you can probably pretty easily figure out my impression of this product/service. Listen, I'm sure there are many happy people with Napster, however my experience was terrible.

Napster came as a bonus with a player I purchased. Free usage for a limited term. Good and dandy. I love music and figured it would be great to just download the songs I liked rather than buy the Cd's. Figured it would be more cost-effective. So I went to Napster, downloaded the program, entered the information and kept getting an error message. Entered my code again. Error message. Repeat many times, still... error.

So I contact "Customer Service" explain my situation. After doing so I decide to go ahead and sign up for the free trial since I already downloaded the stupid software I might as well get some use while I await a response.

A response that never came, and weeks later I am still waiting on.

The code would have given me more than the 7 day Free Trial did, but something was better than nothing at that point. Everything seemed fine and dandy, downloaded a couple songs, transferred to my player. And it was all downhill after that. Subsequent songs I was able to download but not transfer. Once again, error messages. Beyond that it was now asking me to pay for the tracts. Even though I had signed up for the Napster to Go. I went through their Help section over and over again. Could find no answers.

Contacted "Customer Service" again. I explained my initial issues, the ones I received no response from, and then went on to explain my additional issues with their product and asked for a timely response.

That was... oh, a little over a week ago. Have I heard back? No. So screw it. I cancelled my trial and went to remove the product. Only there's no Uninstall tool. And believe me, I looked. Maybe it is a glitch on my personal system, but I couldn't find it. So I had to manually delete it.

Occasionally I think companies rig their product/service to sucker you into subscribing. I had that impression with Napster. Their customer service is absolutely TERRIBLE. Just terrible. I'm assuming they think their product will sell itself. Well, not with me. If anyone has an alternative that they are happy with, I'm all ears.

Bottom Line: I'm a stubborn consumer. There's too many alternatives to everything that if I'm not worth a response or your service sucks, I'ma go somewhere else. And I'm more than likely going to tell someone about it. Napster, you need to try harder.


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