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April 2, 2003

Colors-In-Motion Twist Up Crayons

Colors-In-Motion Twist Up Crayons

I bought these at WalMart (the 10 pack) for the twins. I absolutely love them. They are easy to color with and don't break under normal use (the twins are rough, too). They also color just as good as crayons, and better than some of the off-brand ones. It's like using a marker but less messy. Another great thing about them is that they are more sturdy than crayons. I don't know how many times I've opened a new box of regular crayons for the twins and 1/2 of them are broken in half by the end of the day.

Basically, these crayons work like a mechanical pen. When the tip gets low, you twist it advance the crayon. This is my first pack, but I'm sure that I will buy more. I don't remember the price, but I believe it was around 3 bucks for the 10-pack that I got.

Bottom Line: Great find. I hope this company continues to make these crayons. They would be a fantastic school supply. I'd like to see refills, or larger packages in the future.



I just bought some for my son's Easter basket. Glad to hear that they are working out. Everytime I buy crayons they end up broken!

were they the jumbo ones, or the regular ones? i' thinkinh about them for Lucas' easter too, but I think the big ones would be better, i just dont know if they work as well.

Ooo! I hadn't seen these yet. I bet Emma would love them.
Have you tried the Crayola Window Writers?

Angelmoll: I have the regular ones. I'd like to try the jumbo ones, too. They look pretty cool.

Andrea: I haven't tried Crayola Window Writers yet. I saw them, though and thought they'd be neat. Have you tried them? Do they work well?

Yeah, they are really cool. :) Compared to using a regualr washable marker on a window, they are more solid, wide strokes and really easy cleanup. Just comes right off. When the light comes through the window, the lines look like they glow.
only problem is the kids may try writing on everything else with all kinds of other markers. ;)

My daughter had one of those that a friend gave her, and I was wondering where she got it! She has an orange one, but I am going to go to Wal-mart later to see if I can find some more, I like coloring with them to! :)

Thanks for sharing you review! My daughter has just started showing an interest in drawing/scribbling and I was so afraid to start with the crayons. This sounds much easier to handle for myself and her.

I love those crayons! What impresses me the most is they don't melt in a hot car in the summertime, so they are great for keeping in the car. Definitely worth getting :-D

Wow! Thanks so much for this link! Just today I was cleaning out the kid's crayon box, griping and muttering to myself as I tossed tiny bits of crayons and paper wrappers into the trash. These are ideal!

oh my gosh! i've been looking ALL OVER the place for these crayons. I don't have any kids but i absolutely love using these crayons myself for my art works. I got a pack of the jumbo transparent barrel ones from korea as a gift and i was looking to get some more b/c i love them so much but couldn't find them anywhere. Thanks TrackBack for posting this msg. I'm heading off to walmart today to get some...

I bought one pack once, I used them to highlight in my Bible... they were great for that. I want to buy some more now for my 4 children... Where could I find them now?

Honestly, I don't know, Josh. Like I said, I got mine at Walmart. I think Crayola makes some, too.

These crayons aren't just for kids. I'm in college and I leave a set next to a stack of index cards, just in case anyone gets inspired. I have some CRAZY artwork, everyone loves coloring with them.

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