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July 26, 2003

Alberto VO5 Blueberry Shampoo and Conditioner

Alberto VO5 Blueberry Shampoo and Conditioner

I'm always on the scout to test a new shampoo or conditioner. Sales, coupons, or price is a factor, but so is scent. So, when I saw the VO5, blueberry-scented shampoo, I had to take a whiff. It blew me away.

I set down the 3+ dollar bottle of conditioner I had grasped in my paw, and grabbed up a shampoo and conditioner of the VO5 blueberry. Hey, I got both for the price of the conditioner I was going to buy, and they smelled fantastic.


Shampoo: Very rich lather, intense blueberry smell. Waaaay more intense than any Herbal-scented (supposidly orgasmic) shampoo I've ever used. My hair was literally squeeky-clean after using it. Thumbs up.

Conditioner: For my thick, curly head of hair, the conditioner didn't cut it. It didn't detangle very well at all, either. And, sadly to say, the scent was not nearly as potent as the shampoo. What went wrong here? For a light conditioner, it might work okay. But, as far as detangling, you're on your own. It just wasn't even up to par with regular conditioners that don't boast detangling, but help you get through your hair a bit.

Bottom Line: I need conditioner, so I got both. If you're looking for a yummy smelling shampoo - go for it. The conditioner doesn't pack nearly the "punch" in the scent department as the shampoo though. Great price, however.

Shampoo: Conditioner:


You are absolutely right! This stuff ROCKS! I found it about a month ago at the KMart in Southgate, MI! My hubby's favorite scent is blueberry--I use it as a body wash, too!
Denise From Wyandotte, MI

any free samples to mail me???

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