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December 18, 2005

King Kong

King Kong (2005)

Even though I knew this was a long, long movie (we're talking Gandhi long), my husband and I decided we'd take the kids to a movie. Not just any movie, but the King Kong movie. We picked up our treats to smuggle in, got our tickets, popcorn and seats and settled in with anticipation.

The first hour there was not even a glimpse of Kong. But that was expected. The twins (who were 7) didn't complain though and were interested enough in what was going on to watch. The second hour Kong made his debut, as well as the dinosaurs and more. From there on it was pretty much action packed with some bursts of calm in the sea of chaos.

Though it held my attention and entertained, I think the scene with the natives was rather scary and can see why the PG-13 rating came in. I'll admit cringing (I'm a terrible wuss). The three hours was easily tolerated and I was not antsy. A couple changes I would have made are a little less of the island dinosaur/insect stuff and a little more of the human emotion stuff (like what happened on the boat on the way over - and in between that and the show that was put on). Maybe I'm a sucker for the relationship stuff and less of the gore.

All in all though it was a good movie with a great cast (love me some Jack Black). I thought both Thomas Kretschmann and Jack Black had above average performances, and maybe Adrien Brody, too. Naomi Watts did fine, but nothing I was overly impressed with.

Bottom Line: A good movie, although scary for little ones at times, worth seeing in a theatre. I wouldn't put it on my "must see" list but I wouldn't discourage those who want to see it from seeing it.


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