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March 18, 2007

Baby Age

sponsoredreview.gif BabyAge.com

babyage.gif Being my first review for review me, I was a bit apprehensive. What if I had to give a review of something that was awful (I've done it before). Well, thank goodness I don't. Not this time. BabyAge.com boasts the best shopping experience on the internet. With thousands of items in their store, they definitely rival some of the top baby stores online. Let us see, shall we?

Prices: First, I decided to do some comparaison mock-shopping (that means pretending to shop) to see how they rate in terms of pricing. In searching for a specific items, (like a booster seat), I found the prices comparable with other leading stores. So the prices are cool.

Let's go beyond the prices. Check out the articles page. Helpful articles on cribs, car seats and more. I like that. Also on that page, I found another item/tool extremely helpful in a baby-specific online retailer and that is a baby registry. Love it. I'm a momma who is totally into the ease of online shopping and shipping. A registry at a baby gift store is a must.

Another very cool thing they got going on is the flate rate shipping. Big fan of flate rate (or free!!) shipping. You can pile up your cart and still only pay one price to have it shipped to you. Hel-lo? Momma likes. Momma like lots.

Bottom Line: BabyAge is not a fly-by-night store, but, as far as I can see, the real deal, honey. From user accounts, wishlists, registries, product ratings, extensive help section and search, it is a complete shopping experience (which any online shopper can appreciate). Wooha. Ordering seems easy, online, fax, mail or phone. One warning, though: do not get click on the Celebrity Babies link on the bottom bar, you could very easily get sidetracked like I did (cool site, check it out later). Mind you I didn't order anything, but simply checked out their site, fooled around with their cart. Definitely would keep them in mind for a future gift or recommendation for an online registry / shopping.


Link: BabyAge.com


Great post!

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